10 burger recipes

From classic hamburgers, beef, chicken with buffalo, stuffed, vegetarian portobello or eggplant style, even pork BBQ, I share these 10 burger recipes for you to prepare for your next barbecue or reunion weekend.

The hamburger with meat, yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato and sauce. Not any sauce, salsa is the classic hamburger that replaces the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. The secret sauce is in the chopped pickles or relish. It is what gives the distinct flavor and making it even more special to our classic burgers;. More »

These burgers are full of flavor. They are filled with a mixture of cream cheese and jalapeno making hamburger bite out hot spicy cheese. They look a little jalapeno poppers to which are stuffed jalapenos are cream cheese;. More »

A vegetarian option or lighter are these burgers grilled eggplant with tomato and lettuce. Replaces eggplant meat or chicken to make another variation of meatless burger;. More »

Hamburgers with all the flavors of the tacos al pastor, served with cilantro, onion and roasted grilled pineapple;. More »

Pork is used to give a different touch to burgers. The meat is mixed with BBQ sauce and served with a homemade creamy coleslaw that is extremely easy to do;. More »

Burger BBQ chicken breast which is accompanied with red pepper and grilled purple onion. When the onion and bell pepper on the grill cooks take an almost sweet flavor that goes perfectly with the BBQ sauce;. More »

These burgers are really perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The portobello mushroom is what simulates meat and accompanied with grilled red pepper and blue cheese. The portobello mushroom is marinated in a mixture of olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar. More »

The taste of the classic burger wings but version. Either with ground chicken breast or a chicken breast grilled, combining style buffalo sauce with blue cheese you’ll love;. More »

To give a more spicy Mexican and he is added to the meat mixture a little pickled jalapenos or finely chopped pickles. This makes the meat is very juicy and apart gives it a unique flavor;. More »

This peanut butter burgers gives the creamy touch. When mixed with crispy bacon and smoked a rich combination is made. In fact they can add some caramelized onions to give a bonus to these burgers;. More »