12 recipes with bacon (International Bacon Day)

Did you know that there is an international bacon day? In fact there are two dates dedicated to Bacon, the first of which takes place on Saturday before Labor Day in the US (Labor Day) held the first Monday of September. So this year the International Bacon Day falls on Sept. 5.

This celebration began in Massachusetts in 2000. People celebrate it with meetings, parties and celebrations with meals that include bacon from breakfast, snacks, desserts to beverages. Elsewhere on December 30 it is also known as the bacon day, so there are two days dedicated to celebrate food with this ingredient. If you want to join the celebration, I share 12 recipes that you can prepare this delicious ingredient.

The perfect burger for all lovers of peanut butter or peanut butter. With crispy bacon and melted peanut cream, it is a delicious option hamburger;. More »

Delicious hot dogs covered with bacon, to serve your weekend meetings with friends, family or summer BBQ’s;. More »

Scallops to grilled bacon covered with cherry tomatoes and bacon, is another of those preparations that takes minutes to cook on the grill;. More »

Medallions of pork tenderloin Served with bacon and cooked on the grill until golden. It is served with a rich sauce chimichurri,. More »

Onion cut into thick slices and wrapped in slices of bacon. To spice the dish you can cover either onion BBQ sauce or hot sauce;. More »

Perfect to serve with a Mexican style corn. Cotija cheese you can use it to sprinkle the corn once you covered it with butter or cheese mixed with butter and also used to serve with seafood, meat, poultry and vegetables;. More »

This recipe northern discada is a rich combination of pork, beef, sausage, bacon, sausage, onion and bell pepper;. More »

Usually they are breaded and fried but this time are covered in bacon and cooked on the grill. This causes remain soft and warm, but with crispy bacon;. More »

The gorgonzola be mixed in butter with crunchy pickles or pickled jalapeno bacon and fresh herbs like parsley to serve as sauce or with meat, chicken, fish and seafood. More »

The large shrimp are stuffed with cheese and covered with bacon to cook until golden and crisp. A perfect lunch or dinner to share;. More »

To variarle a little classic chambray roasted onions with bacon packages are made. The onions are soft and with a flavor that you will love bacon;. More »

Are few slices of smoked sausage to roast bacon wrapped either turkey or pork. Broil until bacon is all golden and served with a chipotle sauce;. More »