18 recipes with grilled chicken – grilled chicken

This sauce only takes 3 ingredients but the flavor that gives wings seem restaurant, best of all is that too simple to prepare;. More »

With the special touch of jalapeño, these burgers are full of flavor and will love spicy lovers. If you like it spicy add more jalapeno to taste and serve with more toreados jalapenos or jalapeno pickled;. More »

Delicious burgers with buffalo style sauce (which is used in the hot wings) and blue cheese. A different burger but you will sure to delight, here the full recipe;. More »

Chipotle chili marinated with cumin, olive oil and garlic chicken, seafood or meat. Is very good with chicken breasts or legs. More »

The delicious chicken fajitas with red pepper and grilled onions. A classic that is perfect with corn or flour tortillas and salsa;. More »

Tutorial with steps to learn how to cut a butterfly chicken and learn to cook a whole chicken on grill or broiler;. More »

Did you know that you can cook the chicken wings on the grill? It is a very easy way to cook them, apart from remaining healthier because they are not cooked in oil, cooking on the grill take a rich smoky flavor and the meat is juicy and soft inside and crunchy on the outside,. More »

This rich burger BBQ chicken breast which is accompanied with red pepper and grilled purple onion. When the onion and bell pepper on the grill cooks take an almost sweet flavor that goes perfectly with the BBQ sauce;. More »