6 dishes that can not miss in your menu Super Bowl

I share 6 dishes that can not miss in your menu Super Bowl either with friends or family, these dishes are a guaranteed success.

Pizz to: From the foods consume more super bowl Sunday. Whether purchased or homemade, you can take if you are cooking on the grill or grill and prepare these delicious grilled pizzas. The best thing about this recipe is that it takes minutes to cook on the grill and you can prepare mini pizzas or individual pizzas for everyone to add your favorite toppings or ingredients. Another version is to prepare this delicious pizza with chicken BBQ, perfect for sharing with friends. For the recipe easy pizza dough reviews the BBQ chicken pizza, just change the sauce tomato sauce and add your favorites to cover and also here you can read 10 tips for making the best grilled pizza ingredients.

Wings: Another dish that can not miss, especially if they are covered with buffalo style sauce.

Jalapeno poppers: If you have not tried are jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese are either breaded or other version is covered with bacon as I share in this recipe stuffed jalapeno bacon. All those who try this dish they ask for the next meeting.

Chili: Perfect for cold days or day to watch sports on TV as it is the super bowl. Either with or without beans beans here I share several recipes, from a Texas style chili without beans, a chili cook in the crockpot for – slow cooker, a chili with ground turkey and chili with pinto beans.

Dip and tortilla chips or tortilla chips: Whether a creamy dip or a healthier version with vegetables as a hummus with crudités (celery, bell pepper, cucumber and carrots) always gets you out of trouble to start with the food. For a creamy version prepares this cream dip grilled cheese that is very simple to prepare, this yogurt dip with mint, a lighter version of creamy dips or hummus with buffalo wing sauce.

Guacamole: It could enter the category of dips to serve with tortilla chips or tortilla chips (tortilla chips). This classic Mexican loves everyone. Whether prepare one single simple with avocado, lemon, salt and pepper or unguacamole with grilled cherry tomatoes. Until you can add onion, tomato, cilantro and jalapeno to give it a Mexican flair.

Do not forget to accompany these dishes with cold beer, a clamacheves (or beer prepared with clamato or soft drinks for all those people who do not consume beer.