6 steps to avoid cross contamination of food

One of the important rules that we must not forget when cooking is beware of cross contamination. This occurs when food is contaminated with foreign substances normally found in the work area, utensils, kitchen tables and in our hands.

The most common of all is when the same table and kitchen utensils used to cut raw meat, raw chicken, for example. When clean ingredients like vegetables or cooked food and come into contact with the same bacteria or utensils used to prepare raw food, is when cross-contamination occurs. Raw foods contain pathogenic bacteria, which is why it must be cleaned or put aside (in the sink for example) utensils, knives or tables that were used to cut raw meat and use new for other foods.

Two of the most common diseases or Foodborne Diseases (ETAs) that are caused by cross-contamination are salmonella and E. coli.