Angus beef vs. Certified Angus beef with stamp

I imagine they have already had heard and read in several shops, supermarkets, restaurants, shops or magazines the term Angus beef. Sometimes this term has created confusion about whether it is a type of Premium meat that went through a certification or seal of quality or whether it is only breed of cattle.

There are two terms and explanations of the name Angus meats. When you hear the first, only Angus beef, it is a type of cattle more than a meat quality. The angus beef comes from the Aberdeen Angus breed, which is a vaccine race that began in Scotland although currently this type of livestock are raised worldwide.

The Angus seal or stamp certified Angus beef is when the meat must comply with characteristics and quality standards to carry this seal. What distinguishes this more than anything is quality meat and fine marbling of meat which gives a lot of flavor and smoothness.

There is a difference between these two terms, which is the Angus beef and beef with Angus seal.

All meat which falls within the Anguns or are Angus Beef Certified Angus certification, but not all cows are certified Angus cattle. What the term Certified Angus Beef trying to do is ensure meat with that label has a specific quality and standard that was approved by the USDA.

Angus beef became more popular because these have more meat bones compared to other livestock. In addition you have a type of marbling fat which contributes to a very special flavor in the meat and helps the tenderness of the meat.

How do you know that the meat you buy is Angus?

This is where the meat with Angus seal comes into play. To be sure that meat is completely Angus and has all the quality needed to be approved by the association Certified Angus Beef. Speaking on US markets, all meat must be inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA for meat meets all safety requirements.

So you know, most of the meat that are in US markets comes from an Angus cow, but not all the meat you see on the market meets the quality certification seal Angus.