BBQ Chicken Pizza grill (grilled)

Perfect for preparing for the hot season and barbecues, when they want to turn on the oven of the house to make a pizza.

If you’ve never tried a grilled pizza what do you expect? They are ready in minutes (because they cook faster on the grill in the oven) and are really easy to prepare.

The trick is to have all the ingredients ready at hand before starting to prepare the pizzas, from the dough and stretched, the ingredients of the toppings cut, grated cheese, ketchup list (in this case BBQ sauce) and a brush with olive oil.

It is best to prepare girls or individual pizzas as it is easier to flip them and work them on the grill. If you make a big pizza’ll fight more flip or remove the grill that if you prepare individual pizzas. Besides you give each member of your family or guests to prepare their pizza with their favorite toppings of choice.

I have a pizza dough recipe that does not require downtime for the yeast to act. It is thin, crisp, delicious and ready in less than 15 minutes here I leave a tutorial with 10 tips to make the best pizza on the grill.

Fast pizza dough

BBQ Chicken Pizza