Beef flank steak fajitas and pimento

I shared them and the chicken fajitas with bell peppers and onions, and unconventional fajitas smoked sausage with pepper. It’s time to share them with the original steak fajitas.

I used a delicious beef flank steak that is marinated in a mixture of lemon, cumin, garlic and cilantro. If you are not familiar with the arrachera I’ll explain more of this court. The flank steak comes from the area of ​​the sidewall. This region is at the bottom and near the hind legs of the cow, almost just below the ribs and spine.

If you can not find arrachera use another cut of meat. Just remember that if there is a very smooth cut of meat you have to marinate the either overnight or at least about 2 to 3 hours. Marinade helps tenderize the meat for the fajitas are tender and juicy.