Beer recipes

August 7 marks the International Day of beer or beer day international. To join the celebration I share recipes with beer can prepare with your family or friends.

Recipes and step by step photos of how to make a michelada and clamacheve (or michelado glass and michelada with clamato), perfect to enjoy and relax;. More »

The meat is soft and with a great taste for beer marinade, garlic and herbs. My family loves to wear dark beer but you can use your favorite beer for basting;. More »

This recipe northern discada is a rich combination of pork, beef, sausage, bacon, sausage, onion and bell pepper. Seasoned with salt, pepper, dark beer and the secret ingredient … damn. Perfect for cooking for a large group of people because it is very rendidora;. More »

The classic nopal represents fine Mexican cuisine and this time cooked on the grill with only a little salt and pepper. Once cooked cut into strips and served with strips of soft and juicy flank steak meat can marinate with beer, using the recipe above so that your heels stay with much more flavor and Serve with a drunken sauce;! More »

The chicken is placed on a can of beer and when cooked this way is very soft, moist and juicy. The chicken is covered with a rub or a mixture of sweet spices. More »

An excellent combination of classic beer marinated beef but now in a version of tacos. They are accompanied with mushrooms and purple grilled slices or slabs of avocado, lemon, homemade salsa and cilantro chopped onion. They are a delight;. More »

The chicken is marinated in a mixture of 3 ingredients, dark beer, lemon juice and chopped cilantro. This combination gives a delicious chicken flavor and helps to make it very soft;. More »

The page Mexican Kitchen, Robin shares with us some beans seasoned with bacon, garlic, onion, tomato, chili and sometimes beer, ranch beans are one of the essential dishes of Mexican cuisine;. More »

You can make them in three ways, so natural only with salt and pepper, with a marinade, such as beer marinade for meat or a “rub” dry,. More »

The flank steak seasoned with salt and pepper but you can marinate with beer to enjoy its great taste. They served with pico de gallo with grilled peach;. More »

Page Beverage & Alcohol, the issue of how to cool a beer in the fastest way, is one of the things that has always plagued the minds of those who appreciate the lagers;. More »

Page Beverage & Alcohol, frequently asked questions about beer, there is a wonder that more than any other. What is the difference between dark and light beers;? More »