The burger is one of the most representative dishes of grilled food. Everyone has their own recipe or special way to cook burgers. One of the advantages of making burgers at home is that you decide how to do them and you put ingredients and most importantly the type and quality of meat you use.

Because there are days when we want something more classic, I share this burger with meat, yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato and sauce hamburger that replaces the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. The secret sauce is in the chopped pickles or relish. It is what gives the distinct flavor and making it even more special to our classic burgers.

I have several secrets that always work so that instead of making a normal hamburger you can always make an outstanding burger. Like the I talk

The most important thing is meat. You must choose a meat with a good percentage of fat (15% – 20%). Another secret is not to mix more hamburger meat when you are seasoning as it can be hard or lumpy. The same must be considered when you are cooking. Not going to crush with spatula because all you do is make the gravy and there is nothing better than a juicy hamburger. It is advisable to flip them once and now. If you want more recipes check out my article with “10 burger recipes.”

Classic burgers with cheese