Comfort food for cold – Comfort food

When cold or cold temperatures arrive seems calientita and eat comfort food. And it’s not only cold days when we want something that fills us with love, but also for the bad, sad or did not do very well days. Comfort food depends on each person and the place where they come from, since a regional dish may be the most comforting food for that person. So for any of those bad, sad or very cold days I share my favorite recipes comforting.

Of those who can not miss and one of the favorite dishes of many people. Whether cheese, pepperoni, vegetable, sausage, vegetarian or whatever your favorite combination. With this recipe I share you can be enjoying your favorite homemade pizza in a very short time since the mass does not need to rest for several hours as others. Changes sauce and toppings of this delicious recipe for BBQ chicken pizza to create your favorite combination.

From classic beef burgers, chicken with buffalo sauce, stuffed, vegetarian portobello style eggplant or even pork BBQ, I share these 10 burger recipes, sure you find the perfect one for you.

Perfect for cold days or day to watch sports on TV. Either with or without beans beans here I share several recipes, from a Texas style chili without beans, a chili cook in the crockpot for – slow cooker, a chili with ground turkey and chili with pinto beans.

The favorite of many children and adults where we add other ingredients like cheeses or a stronger cheese mixture to make it much more special. From a mac and cheese baked a macaroni and cheese and ground beef, an easy which is prepared on the stove (no need to put in the oven) and another macaroon with bits of sausage hot dog.

As good Mexican tacos are a must on this list and that is why I share several recipes for my channel. Since nopal tacos with skirt steak, beef tacos with beer and mushrooms, flank steak tacos with pico de gallo fruit and a list with more than 12 studs (from tacos al pastor, vegetarian, fish and more).

It is not common but as Mexico is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast and those who prepare more than anything weekends or days that you have more time for breakfast. My favorite recipe is this recipe.

Perfect for rainy or cold days this drink almost always puts a smile on your face.