Costilla Rib Eye beef grilled

There are many who say “meat stuck to the bone is the richest,” so these ribs are delicious because they are mostly bone, but the flesh is stuck is very smooth and flavorful. The cut I used to make these ribs was rib eye rib. Its flesh is soft, as are covered by a membrane of fat once cooked are crispy and with a unique flavor.

You can make them in three ways, so natural only with salt and pepper, with a marinade, as a marinade of beer to meat or a “rub” dry spice or a spice mixture, with which the meat is covered before placing on the spit.

If you do not find the cut that I used can change it to your favorite ribs, you only have to consider the cooking time, as it varies greatly depending on the type of meat, the size and staff of everyone taste, there are some people who prefer cooked, almost quemaditas, while others like average or three quarters, so they are softer and juicy.


Beef ribs