Do I need to preheat the grill or grill?

One of the basic questions for a person who is beginning to enter the wonderful world of food grilled, roasted, grilled meats or grilled, is knowing if you need to preheat the grill or broiler.

You can compare the pre-heat the grill with a conventional oven. When you go to bake a cake, pound cake, cookies or your favorite food, you need the oven is already hot when you put the food. This helps the temperature is more controlled and that while you have food in the oven does not go changing temperature much as you reach the desired temperature. Same with grills or grates, is not enough in a gas grill turn the knob and immediately start placing food, preheat need to start using it and have better results.

Grill temperature varies depending on the food you are preparing. For many foods is advisable first seal at a very high temperature.

To preheat your gas grill

Just turn on the grill by moving the knob at high temperature and leave it closed about 8 to 12 minutes to reach a good temperature.

To preheat your grill charcoal or firewood

Prende coal or firewood until the fire is well distributed by all the pieces of wood or charcoal. Arrange the coals, coal or wood and cover the grill about 4 to 6 minutes.

If you turn on a grill or charcoal grill or stove, you must accommodate and wait time for the coals to be brought to the temperature you are looking for. If you do not know much about temperatures then reviews the first article I’ll share below.

Benefits preheat the grill

To preheat the grill or grill food waste that have remained from past parrilladas (if not cleaned up the grill before), if it is dirty then passes the brush to thoroughly clean or as we do in Mexico, burn cuts a onion in half and pass through the grill until all clean.

When the grill or grill is preheated, it also helps that food will not stick as easily as sugars food caramelize and is making preparations (whether meat, chicken, vegetables etc) are tagged and release easily from the grill.

What happens if the grill precalientas

Speaking of a gas grill, if only you turn on the grill and start placing food, what will happen is that the temperature will not be adequate, or when it becomes the appropriate your food was a long time in the steak and is cooked more (is dry inside) or not marked or doro very well, which means that leave more time on the grill to sear or mark that well but you cooked and over again.

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