Fajitas smoked sausage with pepper and onion

These are not the classic we all know fajitas or chicken meat. These fajitas are different because a different ingredient that is smoked sausage cut into long pieces to simulate chicken or beef.

They accompanying the same with green bell pepper and grilled onions. I served on the tortillas to make tacos and you can serve them in corn or flour and accompany all with a rich homemade guacamole, lemon juice and a homemade sauce.



For the guacamole just have to cut some 2 ripe avocados and mash them with a fork. Add lemon juice to taste, salt and pepper to taste. You can add tomato or saladette ball, white or purple onion, jalapeno or serrano and cilantro. Pica a guy tomato, a slice of onion and chili, chop all very finite and add to avocado. All seasoned with chopped cilantro and ready. There are versions of tropical guacamole where you can add a few cubes of mango, peach or fresh pineapple. This guacamole is very good to accompany with some tortilla chips.

If you are in Mexico seeks the Polish style sausage, do not use the red that are normally found in Mexico, because they know much richer sausages of this type.

Search using smoked sausages are made of flesh and not “leftovers” or mixtures of all organs or surplus animals. They have a richer flavor and are healthier. These are in the area for grilling meat and sausage at the supermarket.