Fish with corn and tomato sauce

Too fresh, full of flavor and a great choice to continue eating healthy in the hot months. The fish is cooked on the grill and served with a fresh corn sauce, tomato and cilantro with lemon. You can tatemar or cook corn on the grill if you have more time to stay granites and crispy golden brown.

If almost no kitchens fish on the grill, I leave the tips and advice for cooking fish on the grill. Since fillets, whole fish or cooking them in foil packets or citrus slices, you will find it very easy.

Changes in the recipe

You can use Mexican white corn to replace the yellow corn or sweet corn that is used in this recipe. Just remember that the cooking time of this corn is higher than yellow corn. It would be best to first cook the corn, thresh, prepare the sauce and then cook the fish, as this takes very little time. You can use salmon or tuna fish instead. You can learn to cook grilled salmon, and here you can learn to cook grilled tuna.