Gourmet burgers

In the world of gastronomy all are seeking to create the new invention and the burgers are not far behind. Every time we can find better and different combinations of burgers to show in restaurants a leading product.

We burgers with mutton, with foie gras (duck liver), truffles, reductions wine or balsamic vinegar, special sauces and endless combinations.

You can read my article Burgers: Extras (dressings, condiments, vegetables), where I give an extensive list of ingredients you can add to your burger to give the extra touch.

Other more gourmet ingredients that are not in the list but you can add according to your tastes or combinations are

Not only have to use beef, you can make your favorite combinations of various types of meat, such as lamb with beef or veal or use only chicken, pork or ground shrimp.

Something in common with all the restaurants offering gourmet burgers is using the freshest ingredients they can find. From vegetables such as lettuce and tomato, fresh bread, homemade ketchup or homemade condiments, these are the details that give the extra touch to your burger.

You can use ingredients that normally do not use in burgers as mango chutneys, jam jalapeno, chipotle ketchup or ketchup, or infused oils truffle, chanterelle mushrooms, truffles etc.

As you can realize the combinations of burgers they are many if you use your imagination and you want to try new combinations. Anyone tell you that this ingredient are going with such ingredient, if you’re keen to try it on, you may thus discover one of your favorite combinations of burgers. You can take any prescription basis of these 10 burger recipes.

Remember that for a juicy burgers must know cooking. The cooking time depends on the total weight of the hamburger meat. In this article you can learn how to cook the perfect burger meat, cooking time, type of meat and fat percentage to prepare a delicious burger.