Grill Accessories

These accessories are not basic for cooking, as a spatula, tongs or brushes. These 12 accessories can simplify certain way you cooking on the grill. From grills to cook meatballs on the grill, a mat or wrapping to make faster brochettes, an apron to hang accessories and have them handy, flexible kabobs and my favorite a set of accessories pendant (where you can hang your spatula, tongs roll of paper, and other utensils and seasonings to have on hand).

An organizer that can move and adjust to any month since it has a nut on the bottom. You can place some kitchen paper towels, which are always needed. Also your utensils such as tongs, spatula and part tota your condiments such as salt, pepper, BBQ sauces and others;. More »

I think everyone has happened to us that we have lost or thrown certain vegetables by not using a grid of vegetables. I did yesterday when I threw three asparagus not use my grill and cook quickly.

These pans for cooking vegetables on the grill are perfect for making your favorite vegetable mixtures and not throw any;. More »

Place 4 ears of corn in this set and voltéalos all at the same time, it is easier to cook evenly all;. More »

As we know the fat fans the flame of the grill and the food can burn or overcook. This rack bacon fat helps to fall into the tray and helps control the flames. This way the bacon very crispy and toasted stay;. More »

This accessory makes Vacu Vin can place the ingredients of the skewers in a row to roll it up or take it hard and well through with the stick skewer all the ingredients easily, instead of having to be happening ingredient by ingredient. Laziness depends on each person’s use this accessory or skewered depends on how many need to do;. More »

This mold lets you prepare a pizza style “deep dish”, the famous Chicago on grill. In this version of pizza dough it is very thick and very different from the pizzas normally sold in Mexico (thin). For all fans of pizzas, I think this mold should be in your grill;. More »

Perfect for those who do not have much space in your yard area, so can bring their tongs, spatula and other utensils;. More »

These kabobs allow you to give you the way you prefer. Help if you have little space on the grill and you want to get more, or to give a different shape to the classic kabobs. Skewers flexible; More »

As I explain in my article “how to organize your area steakhouse” This cart is helpful especially if you have lack of space when cooking on the grill. So you can also put all your ingredients and utensils and move in a single turn of your house to the courtyard. More »

Favorite of many, this rack helps you bathe sauce and cook the ribs on grill. It helps to optimize space on the grill and is the best you can use this rack to cook chicken thighs or pork chops;. More »

Who said he could not prepare meatballs on the grill. This grid does the heavy work for you, because all you need to do is to turn to cook 12 meatballs at the same time. This ensures that they cook evenly and that we are not undone at the steakhouse voltearlas.Rejilla want to meatballs; More »

perfect and full-size burgers every time. This tool lets you move the size to prepare ¼ pound patties and other weights. You only worry for making the mixture of hamburger meat and press;. Buy from Amazon »