grilled grouper

Grouper is not very graceful, I must say. In fact, its wide jaws and bulging eyes huge and cold can cause poor impression when mere stalks us from the grill where handle. But forget that look and focus on what your firm and smooth white meat and it is delicious and aromatic.

If we talk about the eyes here, it is because the best way to cook it on the grill is putting the entire roast grouper. With tail, head and even the scales. Yes, without removing the skin. While it is always an option to ask to clean the fish thoroughly, it is best to ask just open it and withdraw the thorns and have it delivered such. By not remove the skin will save having to wrap the fish in paper or aluminum cooking. The mere own skin (and actually decide to cook any fish whole) will hold the meat and keep the juices when the roast. Just remember at the end of eating roast skin.

Let the grouper. This is a fish of the deep. Grouper (known as grouper) is also a solitary fish that usually live from hole to hole in the bottom of the sea. It feeds on smaller fish (a mere can measure more than a meter and a half) and crustaceans. Its delicious meat is very healthy and nutritious. It contains a lot of vitamin B1, plus significant amounts of folic acid, calcium and magnesium. Your caloric intake is very low which together with the above characteristics, make it a more than healthy prey.

And cook it on the grill is easy. First you need to prepare a mixture where I marinate. It can be olive oil, lemon, rosemary and salt or olive oil, lemon, pepper and salt. I personally like to use merkén, smoked and ground red pepper that is so common today in the Chilean kitchen (use the juice of 2 lemons, 1 tablespoon merkén and 1 tablespoon olive oil).

With a good knife open on one side of mere three cuts (follow an inclination of 45 degrees) for about four or five centimeters. Repeat on the other side. Then spread his fingers generously in the mixture you just prepared and thoroughly wet the inside of the cuts made on each side of the fish. Do the same with the interior of grouper. Keep some of the mix which is marinating the fish. You can also use a spoon or spatula to marinate a little, but the fingers achieve a better effect by spreading the mixture on the flesh of the grouper. A good handwashing (can use a little lemon juice to help) will not leave traces of odor.

Put simply a source that contains it, cover it with a plastic sheet and take to the fridge for half an hour. Then, with the embers in a low-medium heat, brush with oil the grill place where will grouper. Then put your fish grilling. Every now and then sprinkle mere cuts with the mixture used for the marinade. Every now and also pass a spatula under the skin of the grouper that is in contact with the grill, to prevent sticking. After 20 minutes of cooking simply be ready to be flipped (if you want to make sure, with a fork prick the thickest part of the tenderloin. If the fork goes soft to give it final lap). Leave on hot coals for 20 minutes and remove using two spatulas or wide spatula or a well so that the fish will not break. Enjoyment.