Grilled Pamplonas

They are a kind of national monument of Uruguay. A local pride, by the way, and a delight to anyone who comes to test them, whether in Uruguay itself, in some Uruguayan parrillada anywhere in the world or at home because a grace of pamplonas is that they are not difficult to do.

It could reduce the essence of pamplona with these words: it is a thin slice of chicken, beef or pork loin stuffed with peppers that, mozzarella cheese, ham and olives. That is rolled (yes, pamplona is a coiled), closes at the corners and put on the grill. Truly a delight.

PAMPLONA was born in Florida. In fact, in early 2012, the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism created the distinction “Florida, cradle of pamplona beef”. Because at the beginning, were the veal. In 1963, Rosendo Rodriguez of the chanicerĂ­a (a kind of charcuterie and butcher) Farm Florida, took a piece of beef, it stuffed with ham, olives, peppers, mozzarella cheese, he did rolled, wrapped with cloth pork and roasted.

What goes in is optional. Many flavored with garlic and peppers. Others put raisins, cheese change, add and take items discretion. But it is good from the start and try the classic version. Thereafter, as experience seems more suited to your tastes.