grilled panela cheese and green sauce with nopales

Inspired by the panela cheese grilled and marinated in soy sauce, citrus and chile Serrrano. This time we prepared with a Mexican style served with green sauce, grilled nopales and cilantro. For a simpler version can use commercial sauce or bought in tortilla or supermarket or use your green sauce home favorite, you can use this recipe green sauce grilled or a boiled green sauce that is as always I prepare.

The panela cheese, for those who do not know, is a very popular cheese in Mexico, other countries he is known as cheese basket. It is a soft, white cheese, which bypasses the ripening process. For its light taste, it is very easy to give new flavors as in this recipe because this cheese can absorb other flavors. This cheese does not melt, but if it gets soft when cooking, so you have to follow the trick to cooking on paper to prevent you from sticking on the grill.