Grilled provolone cheese

You could say that along with the innards, the provoleta (the name derives from provolone cheese) is one of the classic dishes to prepare a parrillada Argentina.

The provolone cheese is a cheese with a firm texture with a soft smoky notes, which is manufactured using milk from buffalo or cow flavor.

There are two varieties according to Italian tradition: the Dolce and Picante. The Dolce is used in Argentine grills and is the result of two to three months of aging. Picante is allowed to stand between 6 and 12 months and has a much stronger flavor.

If you’re not sure what you bought provoleta or provolone, use any of these techniques or tricks to avoid melting and stay stuck on the grill. Cheese slices should be 2 centimeters thick

Many people put spices on cheese before putting it to roast. The most common is the oregano and only pressed on the cold side of the cheese before grilling.

In the Argentinean barbecues it is a classic find a wide variety of provoletas: with chopped olives, oregano, with fresh basil, Neapolitan, with roasted peppers and more. The choice is personal and according to what suits your family, friends or guests. What is not itself should never miss next to a provoleta Grilled Cheese is a good piece of hot bread to accompany!