Guidelines for preparing a roast Chilean

A weekend in any corner of Chile has smell of roast. The place does not matter, a park, a playground, the entrance or the bottom of the passage, under a grape arbor, next to a pool or on a tiny balcony, all you need is a group of people (family, friends , friends of friends) and any space to accommodate a grill, porte it. Clearly, more space, more meat. And choripanes. And pebre. And wine. Chilean touches of the old art of grilling meat.

The most widely used coal in Chile hawthorn is a hardwood tree that has a slow combustion and long and could be replaced by any other hardwood and aromatic (such as the black cherry, for example). Garment coal. A good trick to do is to wrap a bottle of wine with rings of newsprint. The rings should not be too tight and should get as high as possible before the neck of the bottle. Put the bottle wrapped in paper to the center of the grill and place the charcoal on the sides, surrounding her. Then remove, leaving only the paper circle. Fill the gap left by the bottle with compacted pieces of paper (newsprint take and wring until they are hard strands, that leave spaces between them to make shooting). Turn the paper stop. This is an excellent start. Then help yourself a little with a cardboard or a hair dryer to turn the rest of the coal.

When the heat is bearable even use a piece of fat or half a lemon to clean the grill roast possible remains that have left behind the last time. A half hour after turning coal, coals should be ready. Spread them on the bottom of the grill and put your hand about ten centimeters of it. If you can not stand the heat for more than three seconds, it was time to put meat.

Beef gets grilled without salt or seasonings. When the meat release the first blood, give it back and start to spread the marinade was prepared in paragraph Prepare the meat. Use a spoon, brush or -the best alternative possibly a bundle of rosemary. Imagine having romero: soak in the marinade and pat give the meat. When you see blood appearing give another turn the meat (better to use pincers, so do not lose juice to pricking with a fork). Keep giving blows and rosemary marinade. Flatten with a fork or knife to go checking cooking. If too soft, it lacks. If it feels elastic, it is midpoint. If it is firm, it is well cooked.

Have ready a good Chilean salad: tomatoes slicing and put up red onion cut into julienne finite. Put oil and salt to taste and you’re done. Another classic is grilled Chilean celery salad with avocado (as it is called avocado). Peel the branches of a celery and cut into pieces an inch and then cut an avocado into small cubes or rectangles. Put lemon, oil and salt.

This point is mobile or works something like a joker in a deck of cards. You can go anywhere. I personally would put it just after lighting charcoal. Or maybe after the first piece of buttered bread in the pebre. This is the point that corresponds to the wine. In a Chilean asado there is always wine. Cabernet Sauvignon if there is more beef, Merlot if the pig has more presence, Carmenere for whenever. Because of wines, such as cooking on a piece of beef, there is nothing written. Or almost nothing: a roast eaten with red, in this he is not traded.