Holiday Gift cooking (for foodies)

If you do not already have gifts of your loved ones ready, I share gift ideas for cooks, chefs or people in your family who love the kitchen

Perfect for making pasta vegetables such as zucchini – zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes or beets, this tool is helpful;. More »

Ideal for preparing all your sauces or even marinades, rubs or marinades;. More »

If you are someone who likes to cook with recipes on the iPad, or you like to have your recipes on your tablet, this set to place your iPad is helpful because it helps you can see the easy recipe and also keep more clean your tablet;. More »

Make her feel special the chef or cook of the house with your custom kitchen table with their initials. More »

Perfect for your loved ones who love to roast or grilled, in this book the grill master Fred Thompson shares his favorite recipes, secrets to cooking gas grills, charcoal smokers, to direct, indirect and more fire. ideal for both novice and expert rotisserie book;. More »

Sometimes grilled food is complicated because they do not have the necessary utensils for cooking on the grill is very easy. Give this set of basic tools to all people who love food on the grill;. More »

This is the gift I want for me. Ideal to place the pizza on the grill, as it has perforations makes the pizza remains very crisp and golden. If you know pizza lovers like me, it is a gift idea this Christmas,. More »

There are dishes that occasionally are trying to move when cooked on the grill, or not achieved that are in direct contact with the grill. With the help of this tool manages the food is cooked evenly;. More »

Wine is one of those gifts that take you out of trouble when you do not know what to give. With these Christmas bags you give a more festive touch to your gift;. More »

If you are someone that you like to do many marinades, sauces, rubs or mixtures for your preparations on the grill, then this brush and container is ideal for you because the problem when you have everything separately is that mess the workplace to leave brush with marinade or sauce that you’re using in your food;. More »