Hot dogs with sausage covered bacon

This recipe is one of the classic American dishes that can not miss meetings or BBQ’s – parrilladas weekend, especially in the celebrations as Memorial Day or July 4th. To give extra flavor to the delicious hot dog, sausage covered with bacon and cook until it is golden and crisp.

Once ready the you can serve with your dressings and favorite condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard (either spicy, Dijon, sweet, normal, etc), pickles, jalapeno peppers pickled peppers banana, tomato and onion sauce, nachos, BBQ sauce, meat sauce (steak sauce), chili sauce with or without beans, fry sauce (recipe) or with what you are more fancy, these are just a few ideas. For a meeting you can place a condiment bar and let each guest to prepare your hot dog taste.

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