How to choose the best meat to cook

So you can cook the best grilled meat should start by learning how to choose the best meat. If you choose well and have knowledge of the meat that you like or that you are cooking is easier than overcook the term that you want as certain types of meat require high temperatures and little cooking time while other types of meat need more time even hours and a lower temperature so that the meat is rich. All this depends on the cut you choose and the part of the cow where it belongs.

A good cut of meat to cook on the grill is one that is soft and has marbling fat in the flesh. Those white strips you see in the cuts of meat, this is the marbling fat, which makes the meat is tender, juicy and very rich.

We must distinguish enter the types of meat that can be cooked. If you want a better cut of meat or meat roasting, your best bet would be to go straight to a butcher shop where they can also help you and give advice on how to cook the meat.

Everyone has their favorite grill court, there’s no doubt. Some prefer the New York, others churrasco, the flank steak, a cut that remain average, or three quarters where the meat is very juicy, soft and slightly pink in the center, while others prefer a cut of meat thinner and cooked through.

You also have to know the difference between the names of the cuts, as this varies greatly depending on the country or region you are. For example the beef sausage is equivalent to a New York strip steak or is what is called a T-Bone. This can change from country to country, if in your country the court has another name, that’s why.

Once you choose your cut of meat for grilling should take these aspects into account