How to control the flames in the grill or grill

I think everyone has happened to us, we are cooking something on the grill when suddenly the flames begin to descontrolar. Almost always it happens when you add grilled food that is high in fat or when you turn certain foods that are marinated or excess fat.

Fat causes the flame to intensify and out of control so you can make your meal you can burn or even put at risk. There are several ways to reduce the flames and avoid burning your food, then you explain the.

In contrary to what you think the water or spray bottle filled with water is what you should use to put out the fire. The water first contact with fire if you plan to do to be reduced in a significant way but with the possibility that back again. Also when you shove them water to coal or wood, embers that are loose and they will jump to get to the food. I think we agree that a cut-covered coals burned flesh has a very rich flavor.

Fat and juices from the food are causing the flames out of control. When you are cooking on the grill is recommended to leave on the spit a place where the fire or temperature is very low or zero. Thus when the flames begin to descontrolar just take the food with tongs or spatula and move it off the grill. The fire will burn the fat that was left on the grill and lower the intensity. If the fire is still strong and not low intensity then it is time to use the following technique.

Fire needs oxygen to stay alive. The more oxygen or air to enter, the stronger will be the flame. That’s why when ventilation grill is closed the fire is not as intense as it has as “feed”. When ventilation is open, more air enters what makes the fire stronger. So let’s say you’re cooking something, you flip it over and have much fat as flames begin to rise. If only a moment up and down very quickly then fine, do not have to do anything because the intensity of the fire was not much. But if the flames start getting up and take more intensity then moves the food, carefully placed the grill lid and wait until the fire is reduced. Once returned to normal can continue cooking as usual.

As mentioned above, fat is what makes the flames intensified. In order to prevent this from happening can cut the extra fat from what you cook. I do not mean you take away all the fat because it gives a rich flavor to food, but if the surplus. The same goes for marinades. I love to marinate the meat, but provided that will place on the grid took the marinade over, especially if you have too much oil because it will only make the flames ignite more.