How to cook fish on the grill or rotisserie

Cooking fish on the grill is a very fast and effective way to have lunch or dinner ready in minutes. Since these require less cooking time than meat, chicken or pork, and same time you need to marinate it is lower, even then you can skip and can give them extra flavor to leave the grill to serve with lemon, butter flavors or a simple herb sauce, chipotle chilies or creamy as tartar sauce. I leave tips for cooking the fish on the grill or grill.

The thicker or resistant piece of fish you are going to cook, it is easier to stay in one piece. For example if you are going to cook a steak of lean fish it is best to place it on a plank (a piece of seasoned wood) or foil, so when cooking this will not break when you want to turn.

One way to give much flavor to seafood is using aluminum to make some packages.

Since seafood are more delicate is necessary before placing on the grill grill is very clean and well oiled. It also helps that greasing lightly with olive oil or your favorite piece of fish oil you are going to cook.

If you’re afraid to burn the fish or Marsico you’re cooking seal can quickly in a high or placed directly on indirect fire for not cooking over fire, and at the end of cooking quickly through the high heat to seal or mark food .

An example of this is cooking salmon to orange, where salmon is cooked over indirect heat on a few slices of orange, resulting in a soft and juicy fish.

To keep fish in a whole piece without breaking on the grill can leave the skin, it helps to keep their shape and can sear so it is very crisp.

As a rule of cooking, it is easier to cook something that has the same size and thickness, is why choosing your fish choose those with maso least the same thickness throughout the steak, this helps it cook evenly, as the thinnest part of the fish will be ready before the thickest part of the fish. If you have a piece of fish or steak you are very different size you can cut it into two to make two parts of almost similar thickness.

One of the easiest ways to know when the fish are ready is when you can shred or cut “flake” easily. This you can see from the fish with a fork, this should easily enter and fish flesh must have an opaque color. If it still looks bright or translucent then it still lacks cooking time.

Another way to cook fish is to cook them whole, to spice stuffed fish with slices of lemon or orange, and some herbs if you prefer. This method is slow but the fish is very juicy.