How to cook mushrooms & mushrooms

They are very versatile because they take very well any flavor you add them, either marinated with balsamic vinegar (my favorite to use with portobello / portabella mushroom flavors), herbs or spices. Besides fungi absorb as much liquid the time it takes to marinate is very little.

Since the water content of the fungi is very large it is very easy to cook on the grill – grill and enduring heat well.

How to choose and maintain

The first is to see the color of the mushrooms – mushrooms. They should not have stains and should not be soft or watery of parts (because they are not very fresh).

Mushrooms and fungi are fragile and short life so I recommend you prepare or use them in the next day or the same day. If you open the package you do not ever put the refrigerator. You need to cover or wrap the mushrooms with paper towels or absorbent paper to prevent it from becoming wet and very soft.

How to prepare and cook

It is best not to wash the mushrooms with water because they absorb much liquid. To clean just need a clean cloth or kitchen paper and pass them for the mushrooms to remove any dirt or soil that could have. If you have many mushrooms or fungi that you are prepared you can wash them with water, but only just before placing on the grill.

Once clean decide whether or leave them whole going to cut. Best for grilled cooking is to leave them whole and once cooked from the can. Especially with smaller fungi. What I recommend for easy cooking fungi (such as mushrooms or cremini) is cooking on a grill or vegetable tray to prevent falling or using skewers and cook and turn them easier.

The stalk end only cuts hard or if you do not like you can remove, for example in the portobello for use as a veggie burgers.

Recipes with mushrooms