How to cook tomatoes

The tomato is one of the most widely used ingredients in the kitchen. We use it in sauces, mashed, fresh in salads, in ketchup (catsup), dehydrated version, either canned chopped, peeled, machado or whole. It is an ingredient that you find almost every possible way. It is the basis of many sauces, especially Mexican and Italian cuisine and not all options sauces we do in Mexico with this great ingredient stated.

Choosing and preserve tomatoes

Looking tomatoes that are firm to the touch. If you want very ripe tomatoes you will use when looking for those who are softer, counting those tomatoes will not last long in the refrigerator before they become ugly.

Try your tomatoes have no bumps or holes and skin or shell lastimada.Si are using red tomatoes that are looking red in full without light yellow or green areas.

How to cook tomatoes

Regular tomatoes: For tomatoes for use in sauce and whole leaves wrapped in aluminum placed over coals or in a hot part of the grill.

Cherry tomatoes: Leave whole or cut in half. Cover lightly with olive oil and cook on a grill vegetables over medium high heat for 2-4 minutes or until they have softened. You can cook them whole on skewers to turn quickly.

A trick to know that tomatoes are ready is when you can easily remove the tomato skin.

Recipes with tomatoes