How to turn wood or wood for a barbecue

You can cook on the grill only with wood, with a mixture of wood and coal or coal alone (here I leave the guide to turn easily coal). Firewood has the advantage that burns better than coal, this means that the heat and cooking temperature is much higher as the embers retain heat better. Not only that, the flavor that takes the meat or the food is very rich and this depends on the type of wood you choose to cook.

To start cooking with wood without using any fuel such as kerosene, kerosene or gasoline that gives you a different approach to food flavor and can be dangerous if you can not control the fire, you need the wood that are going to use is properly dry. It is best to use a hardwood since last longer on fire and produce good quality coals, not as soft woods burn quickly.

The easiest way to get the kindling way is to accommodate the wood or wood in a pyramid shape or cottage hut, tucking the smaller pieces of wood in the center, as these are the ones that comprise better and arranging the logs more long pyramid. We must leave a hole in the middle so you can circulate the air as the fire needs oxygen to stay alive.

The more oxygen or air to enter, the stronger will be the flame.

Once the wood is accommodated is time to light the fire.

You can use a match to light pieces of wood or guys use a long thin twig and Mass firewood to light this first, let fire burn and start to turn all leaving in the middle of the house or pyramid of wood.

Once the fire or the fire is well lit can start to accommodate firewood if large pieces of wood that still comprise well. If ravished little wood you can add more pieces of firewood now that the fire is strong. Use a metal rod to move firewood and accommodate well according to what you need.

To start cooking low grill. To get a better parrillada you can leave the whole area of ​​the grill with the same intensity the fire or have various temperatures. This is achieved by arranging the coals on the grill. To have a high heat and a low, accommodates a few coals or wood side and the other end accommodates all remaining embers. This way you have two cooking temperatures.