Indirect fire: it is, how to use it and serving

There are different methods of grilling, fire or direct heat, indirect fire and the combination of indirect or direct heat.

It is used for more delicate preparations or need more time even cooking. This way foods do not burn out and we make are well cooked inside, making it more difficult to achieve with direct fire.

This is achieved by arranging the heat source or turning on one side of the grill and leaving the other free fire or off. To cook with this method requires a grill with a lid.

The accommodation you choose depends on the size of your grill and the ingredient that you are cooking. The image can help you better understand this technique and types of indirect heat we can achieve in the grill.

It is the most common method, comprising coal or firewood as used to it and when it is well lit moves aside coal and leaves the other side completely free.

Prende coal or firewood as used to it and when it is well lit coal moves to extremes to leave a strip of free center. This method is good for when you need to have a neutral zone to finish cooking preparations or when you feel the heat is very intense and you need to lower the temperature to continue cooking. It also serves to cuts of meat, fish, ribs, where you need a strong first heat to seal and finish to cook over indirect heat.

Prende coal or firewood as used to it and when it is well lit all coal moves toward the center to leave the banks free grill. This method will be used to avoid resting the food is ready but do not want to be either cool or that it lacks little to be ready and can leave on the banks to finish and not cool while you finish with other preparations .

The same center (the example above) but only that opposite and more heat.

His name says it all, it is seeking to have 3 types of temperature on the grill. Whether for the same preparation or cooking different foods to carrying different temperatures. From one end you accommodate the lit charcoal, to arrange it only a slight side of the coal to have a lower temperature and leave it empty the other side.

Much like 50/50, but a larger direct heat space is left. This is already dependent on food preparations or’ll fry if you need more heat or heat a grill with half and half safe area (no fire) is what you’re looking.