Kabobs or skewers Spanish chorizo

Perfect to serve a Spanish tapas night grilled with your red wine. brochettes or skewers Spanish sausage sliced ​​with bell peppers and onions, as the classic wires meat but meat substitute made by Spanish sausage. If you are not familiar with Spanish chorizo ​​da click here to read more, its origin, as the difference between the Mexican and Spanish chorizo ​​prepared, and more.

Since the Spanish chorizo ​​is cured or smoked cooking is not necessary to consume cold and you can enjoy tapas. So this time only cooking on the grill until golden brown and slightly until vegetables are tender.


I share more recipes grilled skewers that may interest you. Since shrimp brochettes, meat, sausage, vegetables, spicy marinade, citrus, oriental and even dessert brochettes. All are spectacular and it is the best they are easy to maneuver and cook on the grill.