Marinated meat with lemon pepper seasoning

The marinade is too simple because the meat is marinated only with olive oil, Worcestershire sauce or lemon pepper seasoning and worcestershire or lemon pepper.

The flesh is very soft and takes a delicious flavor. I recommend you let marinate for more than 1 hour for the flavors have time to season the meat well. You can even leave to marinate the meat overnight in the refrigerator to take much more flavor. Yes, it is very important to use a seasoning that is only lemon-pepper and salt with no flavor lemon-pepper, otherwise the meat is very salty and take a different flavor.

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The lemon pepper seasoning mixture or a combination of lime zest (lemon yellow) as it varies from region and from country to country, mixed with crushed black peppercorns. To do this you need to crush the lime zest with peppercorns, so that lemon or lime oils found in the shell can infuse pepper. Then placed in a tray or oven-proof container and baked until it has dried. For added flavor you can add garlic or onion powder to taste. It is stored in an airtight container and used chicken, meat, seafood or whatever you like.