Menu May 5

If you’re going to celebrate May 5 (mostly in the United States occurs celebration) I share several ideas that you can prepare for your meeting. Do not forget to accompany your dishes with delicious margaritas or a micheladas or clamacheves (beer with beer sauces and salsas and tomato juice – clam).

The flavors of the delicious tacos al pastor but hamburger version. The pork is mixed with a pastor marinated and served with cilantro, onion and pineapple as is usually done with the tacos;. More »

Delicious shrimp skewers marinated with a simple but flavorful chipotle, lemon, olive oil and garlic;. More »

Grilled pizza with Mexican flavors. More »; tomato sauce is replaced with refried beans and covered with sausage and jalapenos.

Delicious fajitas beef flank steak with soft pepper and onion, a perfect place to share and serve with corn or flour tortillas, salsas and guacamole dish;. More »