Mexican menu to grill or broiler

The mixture of mango, habanero pepper and butter to accompany corn, vegetables, seafood or your favorite dish. A different and delicious way to spice up the dishes;. More »

The flank steak is seasoned only with salt and pepper to enjoy its great taste and likewise not obscure the rich pico de gallo with grilled peach;. More »

A variation of grilled meat. The meat is flattened and filled with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, dried tomatoes and parsley oil, they are very rich;. More »

This recipe is not prepared on the grill but the most famous of this date and go that is delicious. It is in a poblano chile stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and dried fruit. This chili bathes in a walnut sauce, so it is told “in walnut sauce” and garnish with parsley and Granada so that we can have on the saucer the 3 colors of the flag;. More »