National Day or National Pizza Pizza Day

On February 9 the National Day Pizza (National Pizza Day) is celebrated in the United States. To join the celebration in May I share recipes grilled pizza and 10 tips or advice you can prepare the best pizza on the grill, but it’s your first time preparing it, you’ll going to be delicious!

The pizza is one of the simplest and most versatile meals you can do on the grill. Not counting the time of preparation of ingredients and the dough you can be enjoying a pizza in less than 10 minutes, plus I have a recipe that is ready in another 10 minutes and requires no downtime. Cooking pizza on the grill is different to do in the oven, but with these tips and your pizza will be excellent tips and delicious;. More »

This pizza is covered with a BBQ sauce to replace the tomato sauce and chicken breast, pineapple, onion and green bell pepper is added. You’ll love this combination;. More »

Whether as input – appetizer, main course in the summer or even a version of dessert pizza, this pizza is ideal for preparing in the summer peaches are very tender and juicy. To give the special touch is covered with balsamic vinegar or with my favorite which is a reduction of balsamic vinegar, which is sweeter and thick;. More »

Grilled pizza with Mexican flavors as tomato sauce is replaced with ground beans or refried and covered with sausage and peppers, but you can add a little chopped ham, crispy bacon or pineapple to give more flavor to be Mexican version pizza;. More »

For this dessert pizza pizza dough covered with chocolate and hazelnut cream and covered with small marshmallows and Graham crackers to make a pizza style s’mores. You can add chocolate chips to give you a more intense chocolate flavor. Kids will love this pizza;! More »

Another version of dessert but now with strawberries or banana to replace marshmallows and cookies in the previous pizza;. More »