Pizza with Nutella s’mores

Prepare desserts on the grill is very simple, most wonderful desserts on the grill or on the grill is that they are very simple to prepare, not many ingredients are used and the taste is very rich. If suddenly you lack ideas for desserts I leave this list with 11 desserts on the grill, from desserts with fruits, chocolate, bread, alcohol, I think you will find something for everyone. In addition I leave an article with 10 tips for cooking the best pizza on the grill so that you learn the best techniques and you become a master.

For this dessert pizza pizza dough covered with chocolate and hazelnut cream and covered with small marshmallows and Graham crackers to make a pizza style s’mores. You can add chocolate chips to give you a more intense chocolate flavor.

Fast pizza dough

S’mores pizza


It is best to prepare girls or individual pizzas as it is easier to flip them and work them on the grill. If you make a big pizza’ll fight more flip or remove the grill that if you prepare individual pizzas.