Preparing stuffed burgers

Imagine that giving the first bite of your burger come across a surprise, either a filling center melted cheese, chopped jalapenos, mushrooms, cream cheese warm. This gives a special touch to your burger.

It is a way to give a distinct flavor to the meat, since the filling is cooked or heated within the meat. If prepared well, this can result in some very juicy burgers and full of flavor. Especially if you do your favorite combinations with the article Burgers: Extras (dressings, condiments, vegetables).

To prepare stuffed burgers

You must form thin meat burgers with palms leaving the slimmest center (this so that not a volcano is made when cooking). This meat should not take anything more than salt, pepper and if you prefer onion powder and garlic powder or a few drops of your favorite sauce or tabasco sauce and English. It should not take onion, garlic or chopped to not disrupt when forming the burgers vegetables.

All meats must be the same size and weight or approximate grams of meat, to prevent one side is thicker than the other. Preparing filling and you put 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the middle of the meat without touching the ends of the meat. Do not fill more as this causes the meat is to be opened when cooking or filling ingredients go out.

Cubres with other meat and crush gently with fingers to seal the edges and prevent the filling from coming out during cooking.

Preheat grill or broiler and cook burgers as you always do. To cook hamburgers all depends on the total weight of the hamburger meat. A meat 4 oz (114 gr) takes between 5-6 minutes per side for cooked through, while a burger 8 oz. (225 gr) takes 10-12 minutes per side for a term cooked. Serve with warm bread, your dressings, sauces or favorite seasonings.

For the best burger

Remember that for a juicy burgers must know cooking. Whether charcoal or gas grill, an important step is to cook hamburgers let alone separate the meat from the grill. When the meat is removed from the grill it is the signal that can flip, if you try to turn it before and still stuck safest is to go to break. And never forget the high heat or medium-high heat for cooking hamburgers.

And enter the subject of meat, bread, extras such as dressing, condiments and vegetables. Three points that define a good burger, now with stuffed burgers can be creative and make your favorite combinations to make hamburgers or with a different personal touch.

Note on hamburger meat

If you are preparing your from meat burgers is not well maintained united and is separating or breaking then this will happen when you are cooking. Meat that is not broken is one that since the raw prepare keeps its shape.