Recipe to marinate a rack to Chile

The rack of pork to Chile is an easy, inexpensive and delicious recipe. Note that you will encounter some spice, where the taste of merkén (made with red chilies and smoked with coriander seeds) Marinade stellar species stands. This spicy touch provides a perfect contrast to the soft sweet touch with the fatty parts of pork, but at the same time, its taste and aroma are much less invasive than barbecue sauce, so popular in the United States.

To achieve a uniform texture in the marinade, place all ingredients in a stone mortar, ceramic or wood. They are generally resistant materials, but at the same time absorb some of the flavor of what grind there, which transforms into real records mortars, containers of memory, of our passing through the kitchen.

Use a splash of white wine or white wine vinegar to give a homogeneous texture to the mix of ingredients.

The mixture of ingredients should be like a little soup, liquid enough to cover that one with pork ribs, but with a consistency point to let you stay on the meat.

My mother and my grandmother use their hands for this. I use a brush to cover the two sides of the rack of pork, putting more emphasis on the side with more meat. Use all your ribcage marinade. If you are going to marinate for 24 hours (as recommended), you can repeat the process a few times, repainting the meat with the marinade that has been dripping on the source.

If possible, let marinate the pork ribs overnight. If the roast is more improvised, with two hours of rest it will be good too. After that, the pig is ready to be placed on the grill.

Place the ribs stretched, ie, so that continues to have that perfect geometry that brings him to a piano or a xylophone. First, put your piece of meat roasting on the side of the bone.

And both the grill and in the oven there are some rules that are general and apply to all pork ribs (ribs and general): fat crispy outside and tender meat inside. And equally important: that in the end the meat falls off the bone with your fingers, one of the best indicators of the dish is in the perfect spot.