Roasted garlic sauce (light version of aioli)

This recipe for sauce to accompany grilled meats or as a star is garlic. Based on the classic garlic sauce or aioli. The aioli is very famous in the Mediterranean cuisine. This version is softer, but still has the power of a good fragrant garlic accompanied by parsley, vinegar and lemon that make it a little lighter.

To reduce the flavor and aroma of garlic

If you have time, open each of the teeth and remove the center (the vein that crosses the tooth), that will lower a bit the smell and make it more friendly for sensitive stomachs. Another thing you can do after eating meat is accompanied by eating chopped parsley aioli (alone) or chewing fresh mint leaves or try a delicious salad of celery. These three elements (parsley, celery and mint) have the property of neutralizing the smell of garlic enough.

Note: Article revised and updated by Karla P. Hernandez in October 2015 (expert Roasts)