Satay chicken skewers grilled

This is a variation of chicken satay with ingredients easy to get. In my city and in cities is very difficult to find the lemongrass or lemon grass is one of the key ingredients in many recipes for chicken satay. So do not stay for the chicken satay craving I share this recipe with some variations.

The secret is to marinate the meat aside from giving much flavor helps the meat is very soft. this time I used chicken breast that I put on skewers.

Other recipes with peanut butter you can prepare are

Cauliflower steaks grilled: To give more flavor accompanied with a spicy peanut sauce with oriental flavors leading peanut butter, soy sauce and sugar to give a sweet touch.

Hamburger with bacon and peanut: The perfect burger for all lovers of peanut butter or peanut butter. With crispy bacon and melted peanut cream, it is a slightly different mix but the flavors complement each other well.

Peanut chicken mole: The chicken is mixed well with the peanut butter and this time also gives much more flavor when using a spicy mole paste.