Secrets to make the best grill, roast, grill or roast

So you can cook the best barbecue, roast, grill or charcoal grilled meat, coals or wood, I share these secrets for you to put into practice and share them with your family and friends.


Turn coal is a more time consuming than using a grill or gas grill process, so be patient and respect the cooking times. Do not despair and cook all at a very high heat for quick finish


The first few times garments coal will take longer as it is a slow process, keep trying and cooked, because every time it becomes easier and the results are worth it.

A grill or grill

Whether it embedded in a certain place in your yard or a grill that can be moved. One boy, medium or large one, the important thing is that is in good condition, is not broken or damaged and have all the necessary parts.


Before you start cooking check that your grill is clean. If it is not or you have not used in a long time then you can clean it in two ways.

Ventilation grill – grill

Fire needs oxygen to stay alive. The more oxygen or air to enter, the stronger will be the heat so the grill vent passages are your best friend to control the intensity and firepower. Make sure that they can be easily moved from side to side (opening and closing), because when they are rusty or too old will battle a lot in moving them, and since it will be hot grill when you want to move them need to slide easily to avoid burn.

Ventilation area

Be sure to cook in an open and where the smoke grill or broiler can leave without problem place. Do not cook in an enclosed place or in a place where space is very committed and those near things that can catch fire.


Keep everything at hand, a kitchen table, rags, pliers or tongs, a fork or carver, brush or brush, utensils depend on the preparation that you are cooking on the grill. Which brings me to my next point.

organized area

For cooking on the grill is much easier and organized, and do not have to be in and out of your house every time you realize that you forgot something, especially if you start and cook and get the food on the grill , I share my tips organization, you can read here.

Stick or metal rod to move the charcoal or coals

As we have seen, when cooking with charcoal you control the intensity of heat to move and place the coals, it is why you need something that you can move easily and without burning either a stick, shovel, shovel or a stick of metal, what you prefer.