Silver grilled

If involved seems an eyebrow or an arch thrown around, the silver resembles a map, a rectangular piece of plus or minus land that was cut at random and mapped by a hungry browser. In addition to its irregular shape, flat, silver is characterized by a thick layer of fat (about 1 centimeter) present on one side. It is precisely this piece of fat which gives the very particular taste that has made silver to gain a place on the grills of both expert BBQ, despite having won his first applause as an excellent meat to the oven or pan.

Grilling forms vary. You can do the post (as is done in many places in Patagonia) or directly on the grill. I once read a recipe that called adobarla, wrap it with a cloth, refrigerate for two days and then roast it with cloth and everything (recipe I have not tried yet, but that tempts me enough).

Although I must say that it is better to marinate the night before with a mixture containing squirts of white wine vinegar in order to ensure greater tenderness (the magazine of the National Consumer Service of Chile, recommended a marinade milk, vinegar and coarse salt the silver).

This cut requires a long cooking on the grill so it would be advisable to open your roast with some choripanes (sausages or roasted and put sausages on a bun like a hot dog) or a quick-cooking meat as entails. Another advantage of making a previous entry to the silver is that involves grilling a high heat which would give time for the heat to shrink and remain a moderate special level to roast the meat you already MARINO last night.

Remember not to remove the fat layer of the silver. When the fire has already reached the level at which his hand is stretched on the rack can hold more than three seconds to the level where it should be meat, put the cutting fat to the fire. Wait an hour to go fat gilding and dissolving into a thin film. After that first hour has passed turn the cut and let roast for 30 minutes. Remove the meat from the grill, give 5 minutes of rest, cut and serve. Serve with tomato salad and a salad of old beans.

For bean salad: Soak the beans the night before (take the impulse to let marinate silver). The next day, bring to a boil in plenty of water. When the beans are soft and turn off the heat and let stand in the same water. Meanwhile, stung by a red onion into small and thin squares and wash with running water (put chopped onion in a strainer under the faucet open water) and coarse salt.

After the onion is ready, drain the beans without throwing the water in which they were cooked. Reserve the water.

Place the freshly cut onion on the still warm beans. Season with salt, lemon and olive oil extra virgin. Stir well.

Reheat the water from the beans if it has cooled a lot. If it has not cooled, use it as is to prepare a delicious green pebre, which will be poured over wonderful piece of silver fuming on his plate.