Spring Cleaning: How to Stop the grill ready for reuse

The weather is already getting hotter and temperatures are already adequate to enjoy the outside. If you live in a city where temperatures are very cold, then you take months unused or turn your grill. To leave as new your grill before it reaches the spring-summer where we spend most of the time outside, I share these tips and advice to dust off your grill and get it ready for use all season spring and summer.

Recommendations for gas grills

Before using your gas grill again (after being unused for several months), you should follow these guidelines to ensure that everything is in perfect condition before arrest him.

Recommendations for charcoal grills – firewood

Before you start cooking again on your grill, you should clean all parts and interior with soapy water to get it ready for use. Check that your grill grates are in good condition, otherwise, I recommend you buy new so they last good all season barbeques and subsequent years.

How to clean the grill, either gas or coal?

To clean the grill well is necessary to remove some parts to clean them carefully. I explain what you should do with every piece.


Grill & iron

Drip tray


To clean the grill is a less onerous task, remember to clean your grill every time you use it. In this tutorial, I share 10 steps so that the next time you’re cleaning your grill be more efficient and consistent in doing it much faster. It’s a quick espresso or cleaning version.