The tradition of Argentine asado

It can be said that the history of Argentine asado started with the gauchos and cows. When cows walked free, they grabbed the gauchos the open countryside, were fishing and roasting.

In the Argentine Grill, Raul Look Manual, there is an Italian Jesuit who wandered the plains at the beginning of 1700. There the missionary by the gauchos and their ability to fish meat is impressed, place it in sticks that dug into the floor, hunched over a campfire under the stars. That same image impressed Charles Darwin, who arrived in Argentine territory in 1832 and a year later, part of the pampa is already felt, as he wrote to his sister in a letter quoted by La Nacion: “I have become a gaucho, I take my mat and smoke my cigarette and then I sleep comfortable with the heavens as a canopy, as if in a feather bed. it’s such a healthy lifestyle, all day on the horse, eating nothing but meat and sleeping in the middle a fresh wind … “.

The roast is a ritual. One that has to do with Argentina as much as mate and dulce de leche. A ritual that does not need special occasions, although it is easier to hold a Sunday, with all the time in the world.

The first thing is make sure you have all the necessary meat: offal, as it is called the collection of -molleja organ meats, sausage, black pudding, chitterlings and riƱoncitos- infaltables throughout parrillada and favorite Argentine cuts: involves, rib, beef sausage, rib roast, empty, ribeye, picaƱa and of course the back.

Argentine as possible is to get quebracho wood to make fire. This is the most aromatic hardwood that can be found and also takes the longest to be consumed. Delay in turning coals and have to wait an hour for the fire is about to place the meat. So, we must know how to wait, drink wine and eat pies while chatting and reach the key moment.

If no Quebracho, Argentine use carob woods or lapacho. O charcoal, hopefully Quebracho, which like the original wood, has a longer combustion time than other coals

When the coals are ready the great secret of the kids is to let the meat is cooked with its own internal heat. The idea is that the coals are not very strong so that the cuts are made all their time on the grill.