Tips and advice for making the best BBQ ribs

With my easy and delicious “How to BBQ ribs” recipe and these tips I share tips and you can prepare the best BBQ ribs grilled even the first time the kitchens.

The key is to have a juicy ribs removing the membrane at the back of the ribs. If you’ve ever eaten ribs hard or chewy feel is because they are not removed it.

The BBQ sauce the need to add at the end, when the meat is already on your taste. If you add the BBQ sauce from the start will burn it is why the ribs are covered with a spice rub and mix before placing on the grill. This gives a lot of flavor to meat and does not burn like BBQ sauce. You can use the rub Kansas (slightly spicy) style or rub Memphis style (slightly sweet).

An easy method I’ve seen to know if the ribs are cooked is that the bone should see slightly exposed, should be about ΒΌ inch viewing or less than 1 cm of exposed bone.

Remember that time you see here are approximate and must follow and adapt according to your rack or rack and your grill, as temperatures vary between roasters. In my house and in my gas grill with the recipe I mention you up, ribs last 50 minutes in the wrapped grill in aluminum cooking indirectly (never directly on the fire heat), another 3 to 5 minutes straight on grilled (without sauce), 3 to 5 minutes on one side with sauce and others and 3 to 5 minutes on the other side with BBQ sauce, total time is approximately 65 to 70 minutes.

If you do the ribs on a gas grill I recommend using mesquite chips or chips to give a special flavor. You can read more about how to use the chips or chips and different types of chips or shavings.

You can also make them in wood or charcoal grill only monitors the temperature very well as it can vary easier, and is awaiting your coal is not going to shut down.

Remember these tips and cooking methods – time baby back ribs are for, since other ribs may be harder so your cooking time will be much higher.