Trick or bottle to turn coal to fire

Light the fire or charcoal is one of the first challenges that someone is taking its first steps into the world of roasted stumbles. There are several techniques and here I share that has been used in my family for years.

You need an empty bottle of wine that’ll wrap in a sheet of newspaper – newspaper. This must be folded in two, leaving the neck of the bottle free. Ata twice daily leaf with cotton thread, attach the bottom of the bottle and the other near the neck.

Charcoal placed around the bottle, preferably using large pieces. Remember that it is better to use charcoal that does not contain any wax or liquid to help combustion as this type of fuel impregnated with the smell of meat.

Now that you have your bottle empty coal surrounded by all or nearly all charcoal on the grill.

Remove the bottle carefully leaving only the paper wrapped and tied. The paper must retain the shape of the bottle.

Take several sheets of newspaper or periodical and cut them in half. Form tight paper and filled with them all the space where the bottle was rolls.

Add if you want other fuels have on hand to help the fire. For example here empty matchboxes or burnt matches and some sticks and took advantage.

If you have to hand wooden chips or small sticks or dried leaves you can add those now. On this occasion dried palm leaf they were used in the garden.

Turn on the shore of pape with a match or a lighter to the cylinder and all newsprint rolls are turned on.

The coal will come on as if by magic and fire will spread throughout the grid. If by chance you need extra help using cardboard to give it a little more oxygen to the fire.

Now, the coal is ready to start cooking. If you are looking for other methods to turn coal or firewood here I share several