Watermelon salad, cheese and balsamic

A perfect salad to prepare in the summer when there is plenty of watermelons. Watermelon cut into triangles or crescents (depends on how you want to serve) and placed on the grill with a little oil so that it can be marked and have stripes features grilled food. Then it served with a mixture of cottage cheese that can change by ricotta, or a feta, goat cheese or blue cheese to give it a distinct flavor.

I’ll cheese mixed with mint leaves or mint, cilantro even a little if you prefer. Finally you end up with a splash of balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar reduction which is what I like to use to me because it is more concentrated flavor but sweeter, here you can see a recipe to prepare it at home.

What is ricotta?

If you have never tried cottage cheese, it has a (not strong) very mild flavor, it is white, soft, soft bits and ricotta texture. For its neutral flavor it can be used both as desserts and savory dishes. From a pay or cottage cheese or ricotta cake or one of the most popular desserts with ricotta cannoli are.

This variety of cheese is obtained from fermented whey in the second processing whey in making soft cheese. It is known in some countries of America as “American ricotta”, as it has a very great resemblance to the Italian ricotta cheese.