Woods to smoke the roast or grilled food

To achieve a good roast or grilled food have to handle many elements including: meat, cut type, whether it is better to marinate or not the piece chosen, the cooking time required, what is the best time to take grilled meat, fire and see if we can give flavor and extra smell of our preparations to use chips or wood chips.

This is usually done when you cook on gas grill or you want to give an extra touch when cooking with charcoal. It’s simple and complicated zero since now easily find at any supermarket bags of chips or small pieces of wood that you put on your grill. They begin to smolder and give a flavor and delicious meat, vegetables, chicken or smell what you’re cooking. Here I explain a few that you can find.

For the smoke flavor soak into the meat, it is best to cover the grill or close the grill even for a while. If no cover or do not like to use it, you can cover the meat with foil.